Antioxidants Protect Against Obesity in Offspring

Wednesday, April 27, 2011  -  Byron J Richards

Two new animal studies are food for thought for women of childbearing age.  One study shows how easy it is to make an addictive food impression on the developing fetus and the other study shows that adequate antioxidants can prevent the problem.


DHA Protects Against the Metabolic Flu of Obesity

Tuesday, April 26, 2011  -  Byron J Richards

A study in overweight Eskimos who still consumed about 20 times the amount of DHA as the junk food Western diet of most Americans found that even though they were similarly overweight they had much fewer signs indicating metabolic disease and risk for cardiovascular problems.  The best way to interpret this study is that if you are overweight you should load up on DHA while you get headed in the right direction, as doing so can help hold off some of the otherwise inevitable health challenges you may face.


Mom’s Intake of DHA Reduces Child’s Risk of Obesity

 -  Byron J Richards

A mother’s intake of DHA essential fatty acid, along with reduction of omega 6 vegetable oils (fries, chips, packaged foods, some salad dressings) reduces the risk of her child being overweight at 3 years old.


Germ Gangs Block Weight Loss – The Leptin Diet Weight Loss Challenge #5

Friday, April 22, 2011  -  Byron J Richards

The metabolic flu weakens your host defenses.  This enables germs gangs to take up unwanted residence.  Your immune system can’t get rid of them and struggles to keep them in their existing neighborhoods – a stalemate of sorts.  Some of these germ gangs live within your digestive tract, lungs, or sinuses.  Some even live in your white adipose tissue.  The net result is increased tissue damage, higher levels of inflammation, higher levels of toxic exposure, food sensitivity/allergy, higher risk for immune system malfunction, and significantly more trouble engaging weight loss or sustaining a weight loss program over time. 


Acetyl-L-Carnitine Improves Serious Liver Malfunction

Wednesday, April 20, 2011  -  Byron J Richards

Your liver is highly stressed by chemical exposures from the environment and toxins from your digestive tract. In addition, weight gain typically causes fat build up in your liver and clogs its function. At some point your liver really struggles to do its job, resulting in mental and physical fatigue, along with a lack of physical activity. This is typically accompanied by an elevation in ammonia, which is neurotoxic. A new study shows that 2,000 mg of Acetyl-l-carnitine can significantly improve this condition in people with poorly functioning livers.


Malfunctioning Immunity Causes Weight Gain – The Leptin Diet Weight Loss Challenge #4

Friday, April 15, 2011  -  Byron J Richards

I am entering a new term into the lexicon of the weight-loss world – metabolic flu.  The primary symptom of this problem is abnormal fatigue.  This includes feeling like you did not sleep well, easy power outages by mid afternoon, and erratic energy at night that is a bizarre combination of fatigue and wired energy that often results in sleep problems.  This type of fatigue is also associated with difficulty getting energy from a reasonable amount of food and an inability to sustain energy between meals without snacking. 


Whey Protein Protects Against a High Fat Diet

Thursday, April 14, 2011  -  Byron J Richards

A new animal study shows that consumption of whey protein can offset the disease-producing effects of a high fat diet by lowering weight gain by 32%, preventing insulin resistance, and preventing the build up of fat in the liver.


Why Toxins and Waste Products Impede Weight Loss - The Leptin Diet Weight Loss Challenge #3

Friday, April 08, 2011  -  Byron J Richards

The ability of your body to process trash, including toxic trash, is a pervasive factor in your ability to lose weight and reach a healthy goal weight. Struggling with this issue activates back-up strategies for dealing with toxic overload that include expanding the number of fat cells and stuffing them with toxins as well as fat. This is likely done to get the toxic trash out of your circulation and away from key organs. It causes easy weight gain and it complicates weight loss as your body does not easily give up the toxic fat it has stored.


How Digestive Problems Prevent Weight Loss – The Leptin Diet Weight Loss Challenge #2

Friday, April 01, 2011  -  Byron J Richards

There are many potential monkey wrenches that wreak havoc with your metabolism and impede your ability to lose weight. New science indicates that damage to your digestive tract heads the list of priorities for debugging stubborn weight issues. This applies to almost everyone who is overweight and not able to lose weight easily by cutting back on excess calories, following the Five Rules of the Leptin Diet, ensuring your basic nutrient needs are met, and exercising more. This is likely true whether you think you have digestive problems or not.