Fat Substitute Olestra Promotes Weight Gain

Wednesday, June 22, 2011  -  Byron J Richards, CCN

Researchers at Purdue University prove that trying to cut back on fat calories with fake fat doesn’t work. That is because your brain is actually gauging fat intake and responding accordingly. When you fake out your brain you fake out your metabolism and end up gaining weight.

This study is the latest in a series of studies that also show no-calorie sugar substitutes cause similar problems. Americans are themselves being faked out by the marketers of food with low or no calories, thinking these non-foods will somehow help them in their battle with the bulge. In reality, it is a vicious prank on your metabolism. When you eat, your body expects calories and responds accordingly.  When you don’t get them as expected you eat more later to make up for it.

The whole point of my Leptin Diet is to eat in harmony with your hormonal signals so that you actually extract more energy from less food. When you eat fake fat or no-calorie sweeteners you actually do more harm than good.

Posted by Byron J Richards at 01:52 PM.

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