Managing Holiday Weight

Wednesday, November 28, 2007  -  Byron J Richards, CCN

It’s now been a few days since the official Thanksgiving feast.  If you are lucky you are only one or two pounds up.  If you aren’t doing so well you are five or more pounds heavier.  Even worse, you have likely entered into an eating pattern where you are wanting more and more food, especially snacks and sweets – something you may have had under control before the holidays set in.  This is not a good situation to be in for the month of December.  This sneaky, somewhat compulsive desire to eat more food is a leptin problem raising its ugly head.  Since you already know what you are supposed to be doing - but aren’t – WHAT CAN YOU DO?

When I feel this way I do a 3-7 day protein and fiber fast.  This gets my metabolism back on track in a hurry, shrinks my stomach back to a normal size, and most importantly – IT GETS MY URGE TO EAT BACK UNDER CONTROL BEFORE REAL DAMAGE IS DONE.

The program I follow is very simple.  I have three protein drinks a day.  I use 1 ½ scoops of Daily Protein Plus and I mix in 1 heaping tablespoon of Fiber Helper.  I mix this in 2% milk, though you can use rice milk, almond milk, or 50% fruit juice and 50% water (stay away from soy milk as it slows down metabolism).  The extra fiber is really important otherwise bowels will slow down.

I have two pieces of fruit per day, but I always have them at meal times and never as a snack.  My wife likes to blend the fruit into her protein drinks; I mix mine with a spoon and eat the fruit.  I usually have a banana for breakfast and some other fruit at lunch or dinner.  I have a cup or two of coffee for breakfast and sometimes at lunch, with 1 tbl of cream added (real cream).  I never add sweetener to anything. 

I take a Daily Super Pack and Leptin Control Pack twice a day on this program, usually at breakfast and lunch.  I love the new Pine Nut Oil and take 2-3 in the afternoon.  It really keeps my head awake and appetite under control.

Once every three – four days I have an average size meal with no dessert.  Sometimes I do this program for three days, sometimes for seven, and sometimes for several weeks.  The program will typically remove any recent weight gain and always brings appetite and eating patterns back into balance.  Usually after two days any cravings are gone.  I keep doing it until I get off the number of pounds I want off.

During the holidays I know some people who eat this way Monday-Thursday and then go to all the various parties over the weekend.

It’s human nature to eat more food during the holiday season.  Certainly you should be able to enjoy holiday social gatherings without paying a price.  It’s all the extra eating during the day and not at parties that really causes the problems.  Don’t wait until January to do something about it.  If you manage leptin through the holidays and you can have more fun, indulge every now and then, and enter the New Year in relatively good shape.

Posted by Byron J. Richards at 03:09 AM.

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